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Please read carefully:

Disparaging adjectives regarding women priests (“priestess” or similar), people attracted to members of their own sex, and similar adjectives are verboten.

Miscellaneous disparaging:   Use of Bp. Robinson’s first name is verboten on this site. 

Miscellaneous verboten words:  If a word is commonly understood to be ‘R-rated’ or ‘X-rated’, then it is verboten to use it in your comments.  If a word in its context only makes sense when it is looked up in The Urban Dictionary, it is verboten. 

Women’s Ordination (WO):   This will be off-topic for Traditionalists under all circumstances.  Face it folks – there isn’t going to be a consensus anytime soon amongst us, and even if there was a light at the end of the tunnel, this site wouldn’t be the place to find it.  If you feel like you must say something about it here, don’t. 

At the same time, the topic of Women’s Ordination is, to limited extents, on-topic for Revisionists.  The ‘extents’ apply to quality, brevity, and tone.  From time to time, I may also post something that intersects this issue, that I deem newsworthy.  On those occasions, I will not leave these particular posts open for comments. 

Obviously, I believe that it is interesting when Revisionists speak of WO as a precedent for other things;  And obviously, I do not believe it is as interesting when Traditionalists agree or disagree with such assertions.

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