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A couple of cool couplets

23 January 2011 Comments off

One expresses to a ‘t’, how I feel about each and every member of my immediate family at this moment.  The other seems more Read more…


Everything you sort of wanted to know about Islam, but were afraid to ask.

10 September 2010 Comments off

[Elder’s note:  In honor of  the 2977 people who were murdered at the hands of cowards.  11 September 2001]

Pop quiz later on kiddies – you’ll need to know how it is that ALL Muslims regard Islam as a religion of peace.  Read more…

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An “American” Question

9 September 2010 5 comments

[Elder’s Note:  Mind you, it’s not a ‘American’ question because other questions are un-American, but because an American who holds American ideals is “asking” it.]

1)  It is apparent that our nation has a big gaping wound about a monument from the “Religion of Peace” (sic) being built near Ground Zero in NYC, when members from said “Religion of Peace” (sic) murdered civilians, bereaved Read more…

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Centre Daily Times: New Lutheran Church denomination turns to local pastor

24 August 2010 1 comment

From the Centre Daily Times, where there is more Read more…

Why living in a California Tent-City is not living in Third-World Conditions.

20 July 2010 6 comments

I still plan on writing one or two follow-up articles on the Franklinton Bicycle Kitchen, but my thoughts have gravitated towards one commenter’s remarks about the existence of Third-World living conditions in a Southern California tent-city, seen in this Youtube video.  My contention has been, and is, that there is very little in common between Third-World living conditions, and those Read more…

Parenthood: A (De)Motivational Poster

13 July 2010 Comments off

Dedicated to my wife and child, who I love very, very muchRead more…

Joy: A (De)Motivational Poster

7 July 2010 Comments off