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A Farewell To Oysters

16 February 2011 7 comments

This will be my last article for this blog.

Some reasons for moving on:

i) Much like the Pentateuch Read more…

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A couple of cool couplets

23 January 2011 Comments off

One expresses to a ‘t’, how I feel about each and every member of my immediate family at this moment.  The other seems more Read more…

How a Gas Station ..might be.. like the (hypothetical) Third Way Movement

2 January 2011 8 comments

Earlier in the year, I had posted this , which garnered a couple of interesting, albeit wide, responses.  Since I am Read more…

Elder the Younger

16 November 2010 1 comment

This has been quite a year. 

Mid-year,  Read more…


20 September 2010 6 comments

This summer has been eventful, to put it lightly. 

At the beginning, there was that awful thing that suspended Read more…

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Don’t touch that dial ..

12 September 2010 Comments off

Apologies for the recent lapse in writing.  I’ve been extremely busy with work, home life, and the career.  On top of that, we have a houseguest with us for another week (No, he’s not the kind of houseguest that you compare to fish).  🙂

I do have an important series of articles, percolating in my head.  Please stay tuned. 


– Elder

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2 July 2010 4 comments

Last month about this time, I announced that I was taking some time off to devote to other needful projects.  After the sawdust cleared Read more…

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