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Just when you thought it was safe to come to the Table… Suesscharist: A (De)Motivational Poster

16 October 2010 2 comments

Fresh from an Episcopal country-club in the glorious diocese of Pitt-Rump.  Say, Read more…


Cinci Enquirer: Episcopalians turn to humor to fill the pews

5 February 2010 Comments off

[Elder’s note:  From the Cinci Enquirer, Sunday, July 13, 2003 .. this is a “blast from the past,” fisk] Read more…

Elder’s Fisk of Bp. Briedenthal’s 2009 DSO Convention Address – (Part IV of V)

12 November 2009 4 comments

Finally, after much prayer and consultation, I have decided that the time has come for Southern Ohio to adjust its policy regarding the blessing of same-sex unions.

[Elder’s Note:  from an anonymous email correspondence, regarding this moment in the bishop’s address: 

“Whilst the good bishop was announcing his change of policy of SSBs, in fact the moment he did so Read more…

Elder’s Fisk of Bp. Briedenthal’s 2009 DSO Convention Address – (Part III of V)

11 November 2009 Comments off

Clearly, common ministry speaks to our young people. They understand it, they embrace it, and they demand it. How does it speak to the other main problem facing most of our congregations, namely, the cost of a priest’s salary package – to say nothing of the high cost of seminary? Let me say, first of all, that our seminaries are in a period of tremendous flux,

They’re going bankrupt. 

 as the whole church Read more…

Elder’s Fisk of Bp. Briedenthal’s 2009 DSO Convention Address – (Part II of V)

10 November 2009 2 comments

[Elder’s Note:  The bishop’s address is here]. 

…This spirit of cooperation and dedication to our common life gives me hope as I consider problems that will face us long after the economy has turned around. I know none of these concerns will be a surprise to you, since you raise them regularly when I visit you. A missing generation of young adults; difficulty reaching out to college students;

Yeah, I noticed that.  Really, Bishop – What do we, as an institution, have to offer that is fundamentally Read more…

Update on the Bp. Price / Pittsburgh Rump Diocese Situation

19 September 2009 Comments off

Over on StandFirm, there is some news regarding a proposed resolution for a reunion between the dioceses of NW Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh-TEC.  There is some intersection between this and the news about Bp. Price going over to lead the rump diocese.  Bruce Robinson+ talks about the proposal, over on the StandFirm thread:  Read more…

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movin’ on up

17 September 2009 1 comment

It seems that Bp. Price will be the new provisional bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburg (sic), as TEC purports that there hasn’t been a bishop in that diocese since Bp. Duncan was purportedly deposed last year.  Read more…

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