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Diversity: A (De)Motivational Poster

1 December 2010 Comments off

Dedicated to The Breeders.  Read more…


Delightfully OT – Philly Opera Company: A(nother) Random Act of Culture

21 November 2010 Comments off

H/T:  Better Oyster

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Solid Rock Church unveils ‘Interception’ version of “Touchdown”

2 November 2010 Comments off

From here

For the uninitiated, Solid Rock Church’s famous statue (a.k.a., “Touchdown” followed by the name of the Second Member of the Holy Trinity) burned down several months ago.  This statue was visible off of I-75, between Dayton and Cincinnati.  Read more…

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The Lantern (OSU): Play Engages in Puppet Petting (CONTENT WARNING)

21 May 2010 Comments off
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DWM: This is the way the cathedral ends, not with a bang, and not with a whimper, but perhaps with a touch of ambivalence

16 March 2010 2 comments

 I have on occasion traveled to and from West Michigan.  Over the last couple of years, I have noticed the Episcopal ‘castle’ at the junction of US Route-131 and I-94, just outside of Kalamazoo, has changed somewhat.  Gone is the obligatory, “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You!” sign, and Read more…

A Pączki for Fat Tuesday … Indaba: A (De)Motivational Poster

17 February 2010 Comments off

By the way, if you have pączki’s that you intend to eat, I recommend that you eat them now rather than later. 

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Pounding the Surf (for Art!)

12 December 2009 Comments off

The other day, I was perusing some of the other blogs on StandFirm’s blogroll, and came across an interesting cartoon on Red Stick Rant.  It got me thinking, that it might be nice to have something like that on this blog.  The cartoon featured Read more…