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Just a spoonful of survey helps the medicine go down

18 November 2010

From the recent DSO e-newsletter:

The Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music is continuing its work in response to C056, “Liturgies for Blessings.”  The Task Group on Pastoral and Teaching Resources wants to learn what resources are or have already been used in a congregational discernment process to welcome same-gender blessings and to prepare couples for a Christian life together and for a blessing ceremony.  As well, they are also asking what materials might be helpful to congregations and clergy who might start a discernment process and consider welcoming the blessing of same-gender relationships and preparing those couples. 

Ready to take the survey?  Here is what you’ll find one track of it:


The General Convention in 2009 asked that work be done regarding blessings for same-gender couples and asked that “the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, in consultation with

the House of Bishops, collect and develop theological and liturgical resources, and… devise an open process for the conduct of its work inviting participation from provinces, dioceses,

congregations, and individuals who are engaged in such theological work.” Our Task Group, in responding to this charge, is seeking information from the wider church about what people are

doing for preparing couples (same or different-gender couples) and for helping a congregation discern the place of same-gender blessings in their congregational life.


We do not want to re-invent the wheel! And we want to know what you need in order to do this ministry.

NOTE: The GC resolution asks us to look at material for the blessing of same-gender couples. Thus, that is the language all of our materials will use. We also recognize that there are places where same-gender couples can be married or have a civil-union; and that there are broad concerns throughout the church about blessing same-gender couples.

We THANK YOU for your help, understanding and support as we gather this information.
This section can be answered by any member (lay or ordained) of an Episcopal/Anglican congregation. We are trying to find out what is being done in congregations or needs to be done to

guide congregations who are considering welcoming the blessing of same-gender couples as part of their congregational life. What have you done or what do you need to do to build-up the Body of Christ and help your congregation through a discernment process for blessings in your congregations?

*1. Has your congregation had a same-gender blessing ceremony?

2. Do you or your congregation need educational materials and/or materials to help your whole congregation (adults, youth, and children) consider whether to include same-gender blessings in your congregational life?

This section is for clergy or lay counselors who work with couples to prepare them for a Christian life together and for their blessing ceremony.

We are seeking information about both preparing any couple and preparing same-gender couples specifically.
*3. Does this next section apply to you? Are you a clergy or lay counselor to couples?

4. Have you (lay and clergy counselors) prepared same-gender couples for a blessing ceremony?

*5. Is your preparation for a same-gender couple DIFFERENT than for a different-gender couple?

6. Since your preparation is DIFFERENT for same-gender couples, please briefly describe what was done or email your material/model to ____
7. Do you (lay and clergy counselors) need resources or materials to help prepare same-gender couples for a blessing ceremony?

8. In general, when working with any couple how many sessions do you have with a couple when preparing them for a life together and a ceremony?

9. Do you use an assessment instrument (questionaire, outside company assessment tool, etc.) as part of your preparation?

11. Please tell us something about yourself below. If you have additional comments please email them to ABCD@episcopalchurch.org

Please tell us something about yourself below. If you have additional comments please email them to sclm@episcopalchurch.org THANK YOU!   My Church (Optional) 
Diocese (Required) 
City/Town (Optional) 
State/Province (required) 
Email Address (Optional

12. Please let us know if you are a clergy person or a lay person. This is a “Required” question. Thanks!  

Oh goodie. 

– Elder

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