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Elder the Younger

16 November 2010

This has been quite a year. 

Mid-year, there was the tragedy.  With the pain, came a sense of peace and joy

Several months after that, I was bidding farewell to TEC.  That was as stressful as finding another parish to hang our hats (and I think we found it, btw). 

Between the two tragedies of 2010, we received equally stressful news – but this time, it was good news

A few months after we got the good news, an ultrasound technician showed my wife that our baby was a boy.  Later, looking at the ultrasound image, my wife showed me why it was a boy.  Still not quite getting it, I actually said (really, I did), “Okay, so that looks like a leg, and that’s his other leg, but what’s this other thing?”


“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I see.”

A boy.  Lord willing, he will be entering the world sometime in January. 

– Elder the Elder

  1. 16 November 2010 at 3:00 PM

    Blessings and many years of wonder and joy.

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