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Solid Rock Church unveils ‘Interception’ version of “Touchdown”

2 November 2010

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For the uninitiated, Solid Rock Church’s famous statue (a.k.a., “Touchdown” followed by the name of the Second Member of the Holy Trinity) burned down several months ago.  This statue was visible off of I-75, between Dayton and Cincinnati.  They are replacing the statue. 

MONROE — A new statue in front of Solid Rock Church will portray Jesus Christ inviting followers to “Come Unto Me.”

Two Cincinnati artists have been chosen to design the new 51-foot-high statue that will replace the “King of Kings” monument destroyed when it was struck by lightning June 14.

The collaboration of Steve Brauch of Glasshand LLC and Tom Tsuchiya was chosen from six artists to design and sculpt the full-standing statue of Jesus Christ with an outstretched pose, said Ron Carter, administrator of Solid Rock Church, located at 904 N. Union Road in Monroe.

The church board chose Tsuchiya and Brauch — whose company’s previous work includes the fiberglass Big Pigs in downtown Cincinnati and Frisch’s Big Boy — over artists from Canada, Cincinnati, Colorado and Texas. “We liked the design. Also, the local aspect of it gives us an opportunity to review their work in progress so if there needs to be minor tweaks, we can do that,” Carter said.

The statue will stand on 11 feet of boulders and rocks with water flowing out of the rock into the reflecting pool in front of the statue. The structure will be constructed of a steel substructure with a lightning suppression system installed, he said. 

By the way – I have photos of the steel structure – what was left over of the previous statue – somewhere around here. 

– Elder

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