Phelps’ Follies

23 August 2010

Excerpts from, “..Q&A with Pastor Fred Phelps,” by Joshua Kors…   (Elder’s note:  mild content warning)   ...   

Kors: Specialist Lucas Frantz served in Iraq and died on October 18, 2005, his 22nd birthday. His wife, Kelly, has spoken publicly about how awful it was to deal with your protesters on a day that was already traumatic.

Phelps: Oh, I don’t believe much of what these people tell me. These people, they just want press attention on our backs.

Kors: Well, Kelly is probably reading this. Is there anything you want to say to her?

Phelps: No. Except that she should repent.

Kors: But her husband wasn’t a homosexual.

Phelps: So then why are they upset? If he wasn’t a sinner, he doesn’t need to worry. If he was, then it’s too late for him. There’s time for her though.  

I wonder .. Is this an instance of keeping the Ninth Commandment? 

Let’s see now:  

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.  (Ex. 20:16) 

Hm, I guess not. 

Be sure to read the entire article.  I kept asking myself while I was reading, what would happen if someone listening to Phelps were to be convicted by the Holy Spirit that they were living in sin (any sin – not just homosexuality) and needed to change.  If I were in their shoes, I suppose I would say, “Okay, so I am a sinner and bound for hell – how do I get out of this mess?  What now?”

Phelps doesn’t seem to have the answer, let alone anticipate the question. 

In stark contrast, an authentic Gospel preacher  (e.g.,) anticipates the question as well as the answer: 

Of course no church should have any problem with a lesbian couple showing up for worship and to hear the gospel.

I would assume that the couple, after praying the common confession, had resolved to end any sexual activity, and give them communion.

However, should said couple desire to become members of the church I would require that they clearly tell me whether they are engaging in sexual relations. If they are I would require that they repent and commit to celibacy or seek healing before they would be permitted to become members.

– Elder

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