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Help Wanted: Agricultural Liason / Concierge for DSO Farm and Conference Center

14 August 2010

You can read about it here

Note in particular the order of precedence in the list responsibilities: 

Reporting directly to the bishop as a member of senior staff in the diocese and working with Procter’s planning commission; the acting director will develop the long-term plan around the following points of emphasis:

1) Diocesan Interface – Work within the Diocese to understand our wants, desires and dreams for Procter.
2) Conference Center – Proper number and type of rooms and capacity for larger one-day conferences.
3) Retreat Center –Grow as a place for renewal, prayer and quiet.
4) The Land and Farm Program –Work within Madison County and Ohio to seek partnerships in becoming a research and training center for sustainability.
5) Role in the Community – Enhance the role in the life of Madison County and the city of London, considering prisons located in the county and the youth of the county that boasts the largest Future Farmers of America chapter in the state.
6) Camp and Existing Operations – Understand the role of the well-established and growing camp program and the existing operations staff who are improving their activities with the help of an operations consultant. 


 In other words, front  ‘n center in the successful candidate’s responsibilities will be to listen to the diocese the high mucky-muck himself, which who Who will be telling you that you had better also be trying to figure out how to make “Procter Farm” into something that resembles an honest to goodness farm, rather than land lent out to farmers (whilst also conforming to the diocesean His notion of “good farming”), as well as running and maintaining the conference center, campers, counselors, grounds,  pond, pool, dorms, chapel, medical needs, kitchen, dining area, and recreational equipment.  Failure to respect that may well result in your dismissal. 

The author of the job temp posting is our own Canon Anne Reed, who comes to us from the Diocese of Western Michigan, responding to this ‘help-wanted’ ad put out by our glorious leader, back in November:

“…in order to ensure that we do not lose our focus on coordinated mission efforts as they relate to stewardship, evangelism and congregational development, I am calling for the creation of a Canon for Mission, who will focus on diocesan mission initiatives (for instance, Latino ministry, collaboration with local farmers at Procter and elsewhere, inner city work in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, campus and young adult ministry, and diocesan partnerships in North America and abroad).  This person would also work with congregations in transition and tend to the care and feeding of those in training for mission.”  

– Bp. Breidenthal

By the way, during Canon Reed’s tenure as (snicker) Asst. to the Bishop for Congregational Development & Transition Ministry for the Diocese of Western Michigan, ASA dropped 11%, and that’s only looking at the period between 2006 and 2008.  

[ Apologies for the lack of numbers back to 2003, but those seem to have been misplaced…  😉  ]

I can certainly see why Bp. Breidenthal would hire her as our Canon for Mission.  😉

Gee, I if Canon Reed can get hired as a church growth expert on the merits of reaping a double-digit negative growth while serving in a similar position, I wonder what level of competency would be required for the new acting director of the DSO Farm and Conference Center? 

What was the first item on the list of responsibilities, again ??

You bet your pitchfork it is. 

And don’t you forget it, either. 

– Elder  😀

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