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Fr. Edmands plays the Pelican Card (disturbing content)

11 August 2010
So much wrong with this, so little time. Where do I start?

Perhaps with the beginning.

Let’s traipse on over to the latest issue of the Interchange, page 9. 

It is natural for people to be distressed, even weep, when they see photographs of the aquatic and shoreline birds that have been covered with black crude oil, as a result of the British Petroleum Company’s oil rig catastrophe.. 

Here, we are treated to a picture of a unfortunate, though alive, pelican, covered in crude.

Apparently, we are supposed to be moved to tears. If not, we’re invited to reflect on the poor bird’s plight, over and over and over and over and over and over and over 

…of an oil soaked pelican sitting on the gulf’s Louisiana shoreline. There the bird squats, heavy with oil burdened out-stretched wings, features and plumage matted and entrapped in black petroleum sludge. The image is disturbing. The distressed pelican seems to be gasping, crying, groaning, pleading, praying – asking the question, “Why can’t I fly? Why?” The pelican cries for all creation…

..the photograph of the desperate oil-soaked creature on the beach has become a graphic reminder of humanity’s sin of selfishness far removed from sacrifice..

.. Many people are weeping for God’s creation, overwhelmed by grief and sorrow for the pelican and the ubiquitous results of this tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico. ..  

Later, the author starts to suspect that there are some hardened readers out there, who are not moved to weep for the hapless, living Pelican.  

The image of the oil soaked pelican may not knock you off your feet; but I hope the shock of the BP disaster will open your eyes. 

You’re absolutely right. The image of the oil soaked Pelican does not knock me off my feet. 

Nor am I knocked off of my feet by laying the blame at the feet of those evil people who drive their own car to work (Um, and where is the culpability of BP? of the Oil Industry?) 

The greedy and the zealous consumer can change with God’s help too.. Let us use our memory, reason and skill in the United States to change so that we may turn away from dependence of fossil fuels. It is time to change and to begin to live sustainable lifestyles that will benefit all generations of the creation to come. The changes humanity needs to make will be indeed painful and challenging. Old habits will need to be broken; the desire for more and bigger things will need to be transformed to the love of less and more efficient ways of living. Any surplus resources need to be made accessible to the empty, not horded by the few. 

Nor am I knocked off of my feet by the putrid stink of works righteousness. 

These and similar conversions will make up the process toward the fulfillment of our atonement which is to establish a renewed creation..  

It is time for humanity to begin our atonement for our sins against nature.. 

(Elder’s WARNING: the next three links really are truly disturbing. Click at your own risk. I am not kidding. You have been warned. )

Finally, I just have to ask anyone who would be reading .. Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to first weep over images such as this and this and this, first; condemn the selfishness of that act; and then say a nice soliloquy over the Pelican?

Because after all, Man is created in the Image of God, and is the capstone of Creation, and all. 

(Just a thought).

– Elder

PS – I’m sure after reading this article, all DSO clergy will set a good example for all of us by scrapping their vehicles in favor of the greenest of current alternative transportation.   Right??

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  1. 11 August 2010 at 5:17 PM

    I tried the link for the interchange but it did not work.

  2. Elder Oyster
    11 August 2010 at 9:27 PM

    Hi UGP,

    I’m noticing that too.

    Try this:

    (2010 Interchanges, ‘August’)

  3. 12 August 2010 at 2:11 AM

    Okay, it is on page 9. It sounds like the same kind of claptrap that I hear every Sunday.

    “The pelican cries and creation groans awaiting freedom the impact of human greed, addiction to fossil fuel and unbridled consumerism.”

    Things were so much better under Stalin.

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