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Dayton Daily: Local Presbyterians to discuss gay-friendly proposal

19 July 2010

I usually try to restrict myself to commenting on the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, but this article popped up on my radar recently.  I think it is interesting because it contains perspectives of those who are both lagging the Episcopal Church (sic) in terms of innovation, and those who are ahead of it. 

Reporter Meredith Moss has approached two liberal PCUSA pastors, two conservative PCUSA  pastors, and apparently also one liberal Church of Christ pastor, to discuss PCUSA’s recent General Assembly vote.  The vote of course, was over whether to further institutionalize same-sex marriage within the mainline denomination. 

The matter was sent back for further study.  That probably means the same thing in their denomination as it does in ours. 

I liked this comment from one of the conservative Presbyterian pastors: 

Peter Larson, a minister at Lebanon Presbyterian Church, believes that too often the current debate has been framed in such a way that “either you accept homosexuality or you are an unloving, homophobic and hateful person. In our church, all people are loved and welcomed.

“However, the question is whether we will be faithful to the Bible or drift with the tide of culture. The fact that we don’t think homosexuality is appropriate for leaders in the church does not mean that we are hateful or fearful.” 

The comments from the Church of Christ ‘pastor’ (sic) merited a chuckle and a guffaw: 

Mike Castle, pastor of Crosscreek Church in Centerville, finds it “disappointing that the system is structured so that we have to vote on other people’s rights.” In his own United Church of Christ free tradition, he says, churches and clergy can make their own decisions in such matters.

Castle, who has been in a committed gay relationship for the past 15 years and has performed more than 100 same-sex marriages, says marriage has always been a changing institution.

While he’s glad that the Presbyterians continue to debate the issue, he says it will be a “good surprise” if it passes.

“My guess is that it will fail again because the Presbyterian church tends to bend conservative.” 

The PCUSA .. bends conservative.  Heh.  😉

In stark contrast, the concluding comment, given by one of the liberal PCUSA pastors, is more sobering: 

Concludes Culp: “As a church, we’re trying to be relevant to the issues of the day and at the same time true to God’s word.” 

Yup.  Two gospels.  One institution.  All too familiar. 

Please, be sure to read it all

– Elder

  1. 19 July 2010 at 4:28 PM

    The last comment is one of the sad lines that we in TEC started hearing back in the 60’s. Why do pastors switch their priorities from loving and serving the Lord to trying “to be relevant”? As if the former was no longer relevant. As if the eternal questions of life, death, and God are not relevant. Whenever I hear that “relevant” comment, I fear that the pastor has lost his first love and is looking for new one.

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