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An ELCA parish defects because of You-Know-What … (How quaint)

10 July 2010

It seems that an ELCA parish in Auburn, Indiana has taken a vote recently to withdraw from their denomination over its increasing permissiveness towards non-celibate homosexual clergy.  Apparently, their own traditionalists distinguish between (as TEC traditionalists do) supporting homosexuals, and supporting what they do.  

“In August 2009, the ELCA changed its policy to allow same-gender persons in a committed relationship to be ordained, and we don’t agree with that,” Kummernuss said, adding the congregation is not against gays.

“No, absolutely not,” he said. “We believe that God made male and female for relationship with one another and not otherwise. We accept (homosexual) people but are not going to accept the act as part of God’s creation, and … not (among people) in ministry.” 

They also felt strongly enough about the matter to take a vote to leave. 

But the move sparked an outcry in many ELCA churches, and many members of St. Mark’s felt it went too far, Kummernuss said.

Some began not attending church in protest, and giving dropped 50 percent, he said.

On May 2, the congregation voted 97-54 to leave the ELCA, but that vote failed to achieve a required two-thirds majority, Kummernuss said. 

But what’s this?  It seems that the ELCA doesn’t have their own Dennis Canon.  Please read the rest of the article to find out what happened when the congregation learned that their property wouldn’t revert to ELCA be stolen if the vote to leave had been passed. 

I suppose that if the ELCA can’t win the hearts and minds of the riff-raff, that they’ll have to learn from the example of our denomination, and use force instead. 

(oops.  Did I say that?)

– Elder

  1. David Handy
    22 July 2010 at 7:39 PM

    Thanks for calling attention to this, Elder. In time, I expect the exodus from the ELCA will exceed that from TEC. Both because there were a lot more conservative Christians in the ELCA to begin with, and not least, because Lutheran congregations can depart and keep their property as long as they stay some kind of Lutheran. The NALC and the ACNA may be the new kids on the block, but I firmly believe that our future is bright. As bright as the promises of God.

    David Handy+
    Richmond, VA

  2. Elder Oyster
    22 July 2010 at 10:32 PM

    You’re welcome, Fr. David.

    I find it encouraging too.

  3. Keith
    27 July 2010 at 11:30 PM

    Mr. Handy, your information about individual ELCA congregations’ property rights is incorrect. Whether or not a congregation can leave the ELCA and retain its property depends not on what other Lutheran body they might be associating with in the future, but rather on which of the three predecessor denominations to the ELCA the congregation came from in the past. In the case of at least one of the three, the property reverts to denominational control. I don’t recall what the arrangement is for congregations formed after the 1988 merger.

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