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ENS: DSO ‘Bicycle Kitchen’ launched in Columbus

25 June 2010

From ENS (written by Ariel Miller): 

As petroleum poisons the Gulf and President Barack Obama challenges Americans to overcome their addiction to fossil fuels, an intentional Christian community has won a victory for people-powered transportation in inner-city Columbus.

The Christian communitarians — young people who worship at St. John’s Episcopal Church in an urban Appalachian neighborhood called Franklinton in the Diocese of Southern Ohio — received a $6,000 United Way grant to equip a workshop where neighbors can learn the art of bicycle repair and, by volunteering, earn a bike of their own. 

I’d like to comment more on this later.  It will probably  turn out to be another series of posts.  Basically, I find the undertaking commendable (very commendable, as a matter of fact), but most certainly for different reasons than the ENS article cites in its introductory paragraph – this will be the recurring thesis. 

The Bicycle Kitchen website is here

Stay tuned. 

– Elder

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