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Fiat Lux: Diocese of Virginia Considering SSB’s

21 June 2010
From Fiat Lux–  The Diocese of Virginia is looking for a way to genuinely pretend to care about what Christians think about Same-Sex “Blessings”:

Same-gender blessings task-force meeting this morning; my summary

The Diocese of Virginia task force on same-gender blessings met this morning for two-and-a-half hours. This was our first meeting, and so the discussion was wide-ranging about how to approach our task. Please read in an earlier post from yesterday the resolution (R-14) that set up our task force.

This being the first meeting, no decisions were made, no recommendations arrived upon, no conclusions reached. But I was impressed with the respect everyone showed for each other, and the dedication shown to listening to each point of view. The task force includes both clergy and laity, and straight and gay people. There is an abundance of lawyers on the panel, which is probably a good thing because R-14 asks a series of legal and canonical questions…

I see.

Mostly we talked about how to approach our work; we looked in detail at each of the points raised by R-14; we also examined national canons on marriage and looked at guidelines from the Diocese of Southern Ohio for same-gender blessings. There are several other diocesan guidelines available from around the country, but we started with this one from Ohio; we will look at others as our work progresses.

I think I can also safely say that it is the intention of everyone on the task force to conclude our work and make our recommendations by the November 1 deadline set forth by the diocesan resolution. It is also the intention of everyone to write our recommendations as clearly and forthrightly as possible.

And lookie – they have a jumping-off point for their recommendations:

I am reprinting below the guidelines from Southern Ohio for your study and comment. Again, this is a starting point..  

Hm, offhand it sounds like the situation in DoV is like the situation here in DSO – Someone declared that SSB’s would be allowed, and then it became the law of the land. Oh, and there were discussions and dialogues about it. Lots and lots of dialogue.

It will be interesting (in the same way that highway accidents are interesting) what the DoV verbiage will look like.

– Elder

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