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An Interesting Conversation on City-Data.com

25 May 2010

[Elder’s Note:  Yeah, still technically on hiatus, but this popped onto my radar screen, and I couldn’t resist]

City-Data is a site devoted to describing cities in the US and is probably useful for people looking to relocate.  There are also forums where one may, “talk with the natives.”  In one such forum, someone is asking about two dreadfully backward considerations – safety and values:

Hello all,

My family and I are from central Nebraska and we are planning a move to Columbus in the next few years or so. I am starting my research on Columbus good and early to make sure this is in my family’s best interest. We have good friends who live in Columbus and have been there a number of times, from the tourist point of view we really like the city and all it has to offer. Our friends enjoy living in Columbus (well suburbs anyway). We are seriously thinking about this move because if you don’t know, central Nebraska while very safe is extremely isolated with absolutely nothing to do and no real opportunities. We want more opportunities for our kids and we would like to be near our friends with things to actually do. 

My biggest fear (and maybe its just because I am from central Nebraska a.k.a the middle of nowhere) is the fact that all I see on the news (via the internet) everyday is stories of home invasions and murders. Now I am not such a country hick that I don’t know that crime happens everywhere and that Columbus is a large city and it’s going to happen, I just would like to know if the crime is constant throughout the city and suburbs or if it is concentrated in certain areas of the city?

Actually, that’s a pretty good question.  It received some valuable feedback, before the conversation veered 180-degrees off to “addressing” the last portion of the original posting:

I also have read a lot of description of Columbus as a very liberal and progressive city. Being from Nebraska we are conservative and christian, but are not in your face about it. I know there is a strong gay population in Columbus, even though I don’t agree with that lifestyle I don’t get all preachy about it, I just don’t like it when those of that persuation try to cram it down my throat. My point in all this is to try to find out what the conservative/christian scene is in Columbus and or surrounding suburbs.   


That’s where it started getting bad.  It got even worse when someone came to the Cornhusker’s defense, citing the difference between inheritance and action. 

At any rate, be sure to read what this diverse group of inclusive people, said to this hapless Cornhusker, and those who came to his defense. 

– Elder

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