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Summer Institute for Diversity Education at Ohio University

1 May 2010


This has some interesting “seminars” for everyone’s edification.  I’ve included my own comments in italics:

Participant Observation at a Baptist Church in Granville, Ohio Welcoming and Affirming Homosexuals as Members

Overheard? : “We just want you to know that although some of us believe that you are risking going to Hell, they will support you on that path.”

Sexual Dissatisfactions of College-Aged Women

Right.  Let me guess –   There will be lots of cavetching about how birth control is always the responsibility of the woman??

Living the Single Life: Why Are So Many Successful African American Women Single?

It’s probably the man’s fault, because he’s the man.  Or better yet, it’s probably the fault of white men. 

The Truth Will Set You Free: Knowledge as Means to Counter White Oppression

Here are truths you can take to the bank:  You are responsible for earning your own keep.  The negative things that happen to you in this life are either consequences of someone else’s sin, or your own sin.  There now, feeling free?

Playing it Straight: The Performance of Heterosexuality in Young Homosexual Adults

Let me guess.  This one is either about:

a)  Pretending to like Guinness instead of Zima, or

b)  being conflicted about having an active premarital sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex, when what you really want to do is to have “sex” with someone of your own gender

Outsider Within: Homosexuality and the Church

Interestingly, the leader of this discussion is an OU student.  In other words, someone not qualified to train others on the subject is training her peers on the subject.  On the other hand, it could be worse.  At least it’s better than a typical Episcopal cleric (read:  flaming apostate liberal) purporting to lend his or her own expertise. 

Transphobia and it’s Effects on the Non-Trans Partner

I’m drawing a blank on that one.  Someone help me out here?  PBS?  Nonjuror? Undergroundpewster??

Casualties of Capitalism or Systematic Subjugation

I like the option that I’m given here:  “Either Capitalism is evil or it is evil.”

Writing the Angry Woman

I’m tempted to quote that great line from “As Good As It Gets,” but that will probably get me in hot water. 

Er, more hot water, I mean. 

– Elder

PS – Note the Native American garb in some of the pictures.  I’m sure that Native Americans everywhere will be delighted to find out that their cultural plight is more or less on the same level of importance of how university students have their orgasms.

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