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The Nonjuror: Vote Here!

28 April 2010

This is kind of weird….  Here’s a guy measuring TEC membership in terms of ASA, instead of taking ten-year old data inclusive of people who only go to church when they are baptized (hatched), married (matched), and buried (dispatched), and peons who left the parish but who have inexplicably not been removed from the rolls.  Dude.. What’s up with that??

So, let’s analyze the majority of General Convention.  If we can agree that the number of delegates is around 1000 and round up the ASA number to 700000, that would represent just over .14% of all members of TEC.   Even if they all agreed this is not majority rule, it is minority elite unaccountable rule.  By the way a majority of the delegate’s vote is not required, it is a majority of Diocesan Delegations that’s required.  So they numbers could be skewed higher or lower.

Now, just who attends General Convention?  Elected Delegates from Diocesan Conventions.  Who are these delegates do you presume?  Regular pew sitters or activists for an agenda?  Why would you run?  Would you give up 10 days of your precious vacation time to play church politics? 

Only if I wanted to feel really important.  Either that, or really impotent. 

Er, what was the question?

– Elder  😉

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  1. thenonjuror
    28 April 2010 at 1:39 AM

    Please ignore my typos in the orginal. I will dutifully correct them. 😦

    The mind gets going, the fingers don’t follow.

    • Elder Oyster
      28 April 2010 at 10:51 AM

      That’s all right – I didn’t notice. But, if you’re worried about typos, ewe should try the spill Czech her. It’s grate for this sort of thing. 😉

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