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Yahoo! Buzz: Riverdale’s First Openly Gay Student Arrives

26 April 2010

Potentially (though probably), a new low in “family-style” comic books

Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead have been going to Riverdale High School for a loooooong time (Archie Comics was founded in 1939). But throughout the gang’s illustrious academic career, they have never had a classmate who was openly gay. Until now.

In a move that is generating a lot of buzz on the Web, the publishers of Archie Comics recently announced that they are bringing in an openly gay character, Kevin Keller, starting with the September issue.

I wonder – Will Archie Comics help it’s teen-age audience to distinguish between the disordered attraction and activities that act upon it?  Because, it’s perfectly right and good to accept people who have the disordered attraction, while rejecting the action.  And not only that, it is possible to have the disordered attraction, and reject the action.

On the other hand, Archie Comics might have to buy into “I’m X, therefore I act out on it,” which would mean that the straight characters in the comic, would have to act on it.  Goodbye, abstinence outside of the context of marriage.  Hello, STD’s, premarital sex in the back of the family car, trips to the abortion “doctor,” single-parent homes, locker-room bragging over sexual exploits …

I’m sure lots of parents will be thrilled.  😉

– Elder

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