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The Nonjuror: Inconvenience

14 April 2010

This brings to mind one sermon I heard, way back when, in a non-TEC parish, about the poor turnouts during Sunday-evening services.  Lot’s desire to live in the city rather than in the desert with Abraham, was compared to the poor turnout every Sunday-evening:  “Hey guys, I know there’s nothing commanded about going to church twice on Sunday, but lemme ask you – where do you live??

It seems I can’t escape the Godly-guilt:

 I am becoming ever more aggravated to find that Anglicanism (as it is practiced in TEC) is the religion of ease.

 Over the past several years I have noticed that attendance at the Triduum services is falling off, particularly among the young married. Now, I understand that families are busy and attending four services with your kids can be a bit stressful, after all mine do. What I do not like is the excuses that are given for not attending:

“They’re too long, I’ve got kids to put to bed.”

 ”The kids get bored”.


Ouch ! 

Oh well .. next year is a new year. 

– Elder

  1. thenonjuror
    14 April 2010 at 2:05 AM

    Thanks for the pingback. Sorry for the guilt. 😉

    • Elder Oyster
      14 April 2010 at 3:21 AM

      You’re forgiven.

      For now.

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