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In Typical Patriarchy Fashion, the Women Are Made to Follow the Men

14 April 2010

It appears that there was a SSB for a lesbian couple on April 11th, following the one for the gay couple, on the 10th. 

From ENS, where there is more:

For Lynn and Peg, exchanging vows April 11 during Sunday worship at Church of Our Saviour in Cincinnati in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio was a long time coming.
“It was humbling. It was breathtaking,” recalled Peg, 51. “We felt honored and respected and so accepted by who is really our family now.”

“We absolutely love our God and we love each other,” added Lynn, also 51, during an April 12 telephone interview with the couple, who are both social workers and who asked that their last names be withheld.

After the ceremony, the congregation clapped and there were choruses of “it’s about time,” Lynn recalled.

The couple eagerly anticipated the ceremony after Bishop Thomas E. Breidenthal announced at the annual convention of the diocese in November that he intended to lift a pre-existing ban on the blessing of same-gender unions after Easter.

Breidenthal also announced formation of a task force of people with differing views about same-gender unions. The task force’s role was to collaborate with him in development of a theological rationale, policy, trial liturgy and educational resources. Those materials were posted on the diocesan website last week.

For the Church of Our Saviour congregation, where the two women are “a wonderful presence and a blessing to the community” because of their active involvement and ministries, the blessing was a time of great joy and celebration, said the Rev. Paula Jackson, rector, who officiated at the Spanish-English bilingual service.

It looks like they trotted out the blessing breaking of the Third Commandment smack dab in the middle of the prayers of the people, during Sunday morning service. 

Prior to pronouncing the blessing upon Peg and Lynn’s union, the Rev. Paula Jackson told the congregation that “if Peg and Lynn desire to live together as faithful spouses, they must seek and serve Christ in each other, and form their family as a representation of the Body of Christ.”

You know, that’s funny.  Because in Ephesians 5, Paul is comparing the relationship between Christ and the Church to a husband and a wife, rather than a wife and a wife, or a husband and a husband.  Is that relevant?  I mean, is it relevant that the Adam and Eve / Adam and Steve thing carries over to a pastoral letter in the New Testament?

The blessing of unions, as other sacraments of the church are not meant only for personal sanctification, but “as a means of grace for the whole world … for transformation of the world,” she said April 12. “If God is blessing your home and household, it is to become a center for grace and service to change the world around you. It begins at the moment of the offering and blessing, and people at Sunday’s service could feel that.”

But that’s not to denigrate homosexuals (and the other guys – oh yeah, heterosexuals) who shack up together so they can save money and have sex.   Oh, noo.  No, no, no, noooooooo.

The blessing was included within the context of regular worship, during the time reserved for prayers of the people with prayers offered for the couple, said Lynn and Peg, who attended counseling sessions with Jackson prior to Sunday’s blessing.

“After we exchanged vows, we turned to our community and asked them to help us live a life of Christ and to help us be accountable and to help us help others that will come behind us, to be there for us,” said Lynn. 

I agree 100%.  We must tell them that they have to embrace celibacy if they are to love one another. 

“It was freedom and liberty through Christ,” Peg added. “Freedom, that it’s okay to love one another.”

Oh, it’s always okay to love (i.e., agape, philao) one another.  It’s just not always okay for us to eros one another. 

On the other hand, not everyone in my town knows that.  Sometimes people who don’t know the difference are required to register with the sheriff, and I get updates in my email whenever they move in to my neighborhood (they seem to move around a lot, for some reason). 

I know that people on both sides of this issue will agree that it’s important to make a distinction between eros-love and other forms of love.  🙂

..English.  One word for something that is properly described with several.  Ah well, what are ya gonna do?  We just need to accept it, I suppose.

..The English Language, I mean.  😉

– Elder

PS – Please be sure to read the rest of the article.  Bp. Breidenthal mumbles something about regrets and the larger Anglican Communion.  It’s sure to bring tears to your eyes.

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  1. The Nonjurur
    14 April 2010 at 1:40 PM

    They keep using the word “freedom” in connection with Christ as if it only means being able to do what I want to do when I want to do it.

    In the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using the word, but I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  2. Pearls Before Swine
    14 April 2010 at 2:53 PM

    “He [TB] said he has received little negative feedback.” A couple of thoughts came to mind:
    1) What does that say about his diocese and any remaining orthodox presence there?
    2) I would consider lay people, Vestry members, priests, and churches leaving the diocese to be “positive” feedback to this… maybe that is what he meant. I pray for a lot more continued “positive” feedback!

    TB also is quoted as saying, “I see any lifelong communion of two persons as a means of becoming holy.” Interesting in may ways, especially the “any” part. So, how many other ways are there for us to make ourselves holy?

  3. Theoden
    16 April 2010 at 2:47 AM

    All due respect, Oyster, with the advent of +TB the DSO is now occupied territory. Think of Unitarians who play at liturgy. +Herb Thompson would be turing over in his grave. DSO is now a GLBT political action commitee funded with 40 million in Procter money. Hoo-ah.

  4. Elder Oyster
    16 April 2010 at 9:50 PM

    RE: “All due respect, Oyster, with the advent of +TB the DSO is now occupied territory.”

    Yeah, but occupation has the potential to build character.

    RE: “Think of Unitarians who play at liturgy.”

    Don’t Unitarians at least believe the same thing about the Doctrine of the Trinity?

    Can the same be said of Episcopalians?? 😉

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