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(UPDATED) Breaking from various sources: Bp. Breidenthal’s latest round with of talks with Catholic Bishops re SSB’s

24 March 2010

I don’t have time to analyze or even read this information now, but will when I get back from work tonight, and update this article. For now I’ll pass along the breaking news, with a promise to follow-up very soon.



and here .

(stay tuned)

UPDATED:  The thumbnail version…  Basically, two or three things stand out – The first is that in their latest session, the Anglican-Roman Catholic Theological Consultation in the USA (ARC-USA) discussed same-sex blessings and health care.  Bp. Breidenthal gave a presentation on how he handled SSB’s in this diocese.  Bp. Breidenthal announced that he will be resigning as co-chair of the recurring event, citing his responsibilities as bishop.  They also talked about Anglicanorum coetibus, and which Anglicans might jump ship for the Roman Catholic Church. 

All three articles are wordy, but don’t seem to say all that much.  Personally, I found it odd that Bp. Breidenthal would step down as co-chair during the same meeting he talked about his involvement in SSB’s here in Southern Ohio.  On the other hand, the lack of information doesn’t warrant speculation into whether these things are related. 

– Elder

  1. Quasimodo
    25 March 2010 at 2:22 AM

    Based on how much ARC-USA was important to him, I wouldn’t be opposed to guessing the resignation and the SSB’s in the Diocese were related.

    While I wouldn’t bet my IRA, I’d place 3:2 odds.

  2. Theoden
    28 March 2010 at 9:56 PM

    One can only guess why +TB chose to step aside. Pressured appropriately from inside ARC-USA over his radicalism, or simply disappointed that none of the Cathlic big boys are impressed with his rants on SSB’s.

    What is clear that ARCIC, as it was formerly known, has long been considered a dead end by Rome. +TB and the whole TEC liberals are engaged in a polite but silly parlor game with Rome. Everyone but them knows it.

    The real game in town–the only one that matters historically, theologically or spiritually–is the Rome’s bold gambit in welcoming disaffected Anglicans. Anglican Coetibus.

    Factoid: After TEC House of Bishops chose in 2007 to radicalize local “autonomy” in decision-making over the historic Anglican understanding of communion, ARCIC fell apart. The Roman theologians then in conversation with the TEC revisionists were forced to ask the previously unfathomable question: “Will Anglicans abandon their Catholic identity or not?”

    (See the Catholic Herald, 6 May 2008.)

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