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Because we can’t handle the Truth, that’s why

18 March 2010

For at least a couple of months now, StandFirm has been keeping a tally of consents for Mary Glasspool, the bishop suffragan-elect of Los Angeles, who is openly in a non-celibate homosexual relationship.  As of now, it’s a done-deal

During these past two months, I’ve kept my eye on the DSO website for news about this … and haven’t seen anything the whole time. 

Even now (6pm, Wednesday evening, March 17, 2010), there isn’t anything up on the DSO website. 

Apparently, the laity in this diocese can’t handle the truth.  Either that, or truth is something to be hid under a bushel basket.  😉

So why is it that I am smiling ??

– Elder  😉

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