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A new canon for mission, for DSO

3 March 2010

H/T’s:  Anon.

Recall that during his November 2009 DSO convention address, Bp. Breidenthal announced that he was going to look for a canon for mission, giving a hefty list of requirements for the position:

“…in order to ensure that we do not lose our focus on coordinated mission efforts as they relate to stewardship, evangelism and congregational development, I am calling for the creation of a Canon for Mission, who will focus on diocesan mission initiatives (for instance, Latino ministry, collaboration with local farmers at Procter and elsewhere, inner city work in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, campus and young adult ministry, and diocesan partnerships in North America and abroad).  This person would also work with congregations in transition and tend to the care and feeding of those in training for mission.” 

– Bp. Breidenthal

Apparently, he has called someone for this position, as reported by the DSO e-newsletter:

Bishop Thomas E. Breidenthal has called the Rev. Anne Reed to serve as the canon for mission for the Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Reed, a deacon currently on staff in the Diocese of Western Michigan, will lead transition ministry in the diocese, helping congregations discern and call new clergy leadership as well as work with the Commission on Ministry. She also will spearhead diocesan mission initiatives, such as the Avondale project, Hispanic  ministry, global outreach and work with Appalachian communities.

“As a person with long experience in diocesan ministry, Anne brings wisdom, pragmatism and a deep love of the wider Episcopal mission,” said Bishop Breidenthal. “As a deacon, Anne will be an important part of our exploration of the role of the diaconate in common ministry, and we have much to learn from her about community organizing.  I look forward to her being among us.”
Reed is expected to begin in mid-April.

There is of course, more (much more) to this story, and I will be speaking with some contacts in the coming weeks to fill in the gaps.  So, stay tuned!  😉

– Elder

  1. Quasimodo
    3 March 2010 at 9:36 PM


    Are not Deacons normally bi-vocational and not paid? I guess the finances of DSO are just fine in order to fork out another executive salary.

    And I know that Western Michigan is a happening place for TEC so we might as well bring in someone who has helped them suceed in…selling the cathedral, losing members, etci.

    Sounds like a good choice.

    On the other hand, I had an inkling that +Tom was all about elevating the Diaconate to a place of superiority over the Presbyters in DSO. For example, do the Presbyters get their own group retreat with the Bishop?

    Beware DSO as well for the Bishop’s flying goon squads of Deacons if the policy of creating Deacon’s for the Deaneries is put in place.

  2. Quasimodo
    3 March 2010 at 9:43 PM

    Ok, I really need to learn to type.

    Did you know that she seems to be a part of Anglimergent? Just what ya’ll need. That was sarcasm.

  3. Elder Oyster
    3 March 2010 at 11:02 PM

    Hi Quas,

    RE: “And I know that Western Michigan is a happening place for TEC so we might as well bring in someone who has helped them suceed in…selling the cathedral, losing members, etci.”

    I think you’ve got your finger on the basis for my next article(s) concerning this news.

    By the way, when I caught wind of this last week, I nearly fell off of my chair, laughing.

    And now I must take my leave. I seem to have developed a mysterious craving for those Chessman cookies. Not sure why. 😉

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