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High praise indeed, for Bp. Breidenthal

16 February 2010

…from a Universal Life “Church”  blogger:

What do the attitudes of institutions like the southern Ohio diocese say about the religious stance toward sex? Such churches often emphasize the “sacredness” of sex between loving, consenting adults, regardless of gender, legal status, or reproductive ability, as what is truly pleasing to God; they emphasize the intrinsic value of emotion and sensuality in sex rather than propagation of the species and the creation of little “family tribes”, thus validating the relationships of couples who engage in sex for pleasure, and not reproduction.

Okay, so let’s break this down a bit.  A “gathering” of people who believe all faiths to be equal, are praising our own bishop for affirming what they see as positive about SSB’s:  Namely, that it sifts out that cumbersome chaff (you know, “family groups,” and procreation, ‘N stuff) and focuses on what God supposedly REALLY intends for sex – that it be about pleasure between consenting adults

I’m sure a former ethics professor and dean of religious life at Princeton would be able to hash out the implications of that statement, don’t you?  😉

…But let’s just take a stab at who and/or what that might entail:

heterosexuals who “shack up” ;



airport restrooms;

“adult” bookstores;

(oops!) … 

A fitting legacy indeed, for an urbane shepherd noted for the academic prowess he brings to the table.

Heh.  😉

– Elder

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