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Fish ‘n Chips

16 February 2010
There are a couple of things I really need to tackle in my spiritual life, and have been looking forward to Lent this year as a time to focus on those things.  Accordingly, I feel the need to make my fast from aspects of this blog. I would have preferred to make the fast a bit more absolute (with the exception of breaking news, of course) for these weeks leading up to Easter, but after due consideration I have decided that it just ain’t gonna happen. The “one thing,” that is apt to happen on Easter of this year, is simply too important to ignore.
 Instead, I’m going to compromise… And by ‘compromise,’ I mean in the original sense of the word, where there is give and take involved; not in the Anglican sense of the word, where the conservative gets worked over.

The compromises for my fasting are:

1) that I’m going to adjust my target frequency of posting to at least three a week (down from four);

2) that I will close older threads from comments;

3) that I will focus my attention on “that thing” that is apt to happen on Easter, rather than making the investigative rounds around DSO websites.

At the same time, I’d like to work on important stories I have put off, and also on enhancing the look and feel of The Oysters.

Please keep checking back on me during this season.

I plan on resuming business as usual after Easter.

– Elder

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