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The Dispatch: Faiths have wide divide on sex

12 February 2010

.. and Bp. Breidenthal offers his opinion on those old knuckle-draggers that built Pyramids, and those (old and new) who think that the Scriptures are God-breathed:

Leviticus is full of sexual prohibitions, such as “no man shall approach a blood relation for intercourse” and “you shall not lie with a man as with a woman; that is an abomination.” The latter is the oft-quoted verse used by those who oppose homosexuality.

Other pastors, such as Bishop Thomas E. Breidenthal of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, view the passage in its historical context and don’t see it as dogma for rejecting homosexuality.

The diocese, which includes Columbus, plans to start blessing same-sex unions in April.

Same-sex relationships can be just as faithful and holy as heterosexual ones, Breidenthal said.

They are “worthy to be blessed by the church and supported and held accountable by the church,” he said.

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– Elder

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