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Poll: Should the ‘unchurched’ be invited to an Episcopal parish?

20 January 2010

H/T Undergroundpewster for the kernal of the idea. 

Note:  Definition of “unchurched” can be found here

This poll is intended for people who self-identify as, “Christian,” including those within and not within the Episcopal Church.  I would ask that if you are reading this and do not self-identify as Christian, that you not participate in the poll.  You are however, more than welcome to comment, within the guidelines set forth in this blog’s commenting policy  (I’ve nothing against you – just trying to get an accurate read on some things.  😉  )..

Speaking of comments … I’m keeping this open post to comments, so please feel free to elaborate on your answer. 

By my reckoning, non-traditionalist Christians (aka, “liberals,” “revisionists” etc) have only two options available to them, and traditionalist Christians (aka, “conservatives,” “re-asserters” etc) have three

Ready?  Here we go. 

Participants, please select the response that is most nearly true for you:

– Elder

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