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Obituary: Marcia Iker

13 January 2010

H/T;  Fr. Bailey

[Marcia Iker is Bp. Iker’s stepmom.  Prayers for the Iker Family.  ]

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Mrs. Iker’s life revolved around God, country and family.

With two wars raging in 2003, the mother of two servicemen in the Army founded a support group within her Forest Park Church: the Dayspring Yellow Ribbon Support Group.

There, she held the hands of other worried family members, and she taught them the power of prayer. When they weren’t gathered, Mrs. Iker would call, e-mail – just check in to let the worried members know they were not alone.

Mrs. Iker’s belief in a higher power was unshakable. At 9 p.m. each evening, dozens of members of the group would pray over the list of the names of those gone off to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. To date, none of the service members whose families are in the group have died.

“She was a huge prayer warrior for our soldiers,” said Dennis Anderson of Fairfield.

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