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From the email bag: Dean Breidenthal and OTHER Evangelicals … (???)

9 January 2010

Hat-Tips:  David Kim (Current director, Gotham Fellowship; and a former director of Manna Christian Fellowship and of course our own Fr. David Bailey. 

[Elder’s note:  Fr. Dave Bailey sent me an email he received from a friend who attended Princeton while Bp. Breidenthal had been dean of religious life.  The email portrays our bishop in a positive light for his Princeton years.  I have requested permission from Mr. Kim to republish his email, here.  ]

Here is a portion of the email sent from David Kim to Fr. David Bailey, written in 2006:

“Hi David [Bailey],

Greetings from Princeton . I was both excited and sad to hear the news of Tom’s election. I am a bit envious of your diocese benefiting from who Tom is.  I would be glad to share my thoughts with you regarding Tom’s treatment of evangelicals. In short, he has done a phenomenal job bringing evangelicals to the table at Princeton and where we once operated at the periphery of the Office of Religious Life, Tom came it and brought us to the center…”

In his email to me, Mr. Kim added:

“In my experience with Dean Breidenthal, he treated evangelicals fairly and without prejudice.”

So, now I’m officially very confused.  Is the Catholicnewsagency article in error?  If so, how?   

In the meantime, there is no word yet from any of the parties mentioned in the catholicnewsagency article. 

– Elder

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