Poor Mike Brown :(

4 January 2010

It seems that there is a tiny, but earnest group of people who are intent on moving the Bengals out of Paul Brown Stadium:

Our goal is to provide a forum for the discussion of contemporary labyrinth studies and to help facilitate the sale of the Cincinnati Bengals and the creation of a massive stone labyrinth in Paul Brown Stadium.

Its author has a truly dizzying intellect:

Itself, time is neither foil nor foe to the navigator. No, the navigator battles with keeping his sense of time. Or, more accurately, battles against losing it.
Yes, the empiricists have amply analyzed the strange behavior of time in the labyrinth. And, of course, the idealists have vehemently countered their claims. But these are words. Tired, emptied, displaced words. Detached from the corridors they codify in vain. Authentic navigation should neither pursue nature to her hiding-places nor should pursue divinity to its holy grail.
(BTW – I would appreciate it if any readers could parse this for the rest of us).

They also have a petition, should you care to sign on with their cause.  As of this publishing, it has 39 signatures.  Of the 39, seven are anonymous, four are first-name only, one is a double-entry, and one is a pseudonym (Hey – even I sign my real name on a petition).  The remaining 25 names are what we’d expect to see on a personal check. 

A couple of the comments suggest that some of the signatories aren’t as “into” to the idea as others:

So bizarre, I had to sign.

and this one:

Its the Bengals. Until they are run by someone else, they will never be good.

Keep trying, buddy.  You just might be on to something.  😉

– Elder

PS – As far as I can tell, the group in question is not officially affiliated with TEC or DSO.  The intent of the post is to illustrate the lunacy of the modern labyrinth movement.

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