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Slightly OT: Court denies Noe’s appeal

2 January 2010

[Elder’s Disclaimer:  I consider myself a third-party voter, as I’m definitely not a Democrat, and I no longer consider the Republican Party to adequately represent my values. ]

From the Columbus Dispatch, where there is more:

An appeals court yesterday denied an appeal by jailed rare-coin dealer Thomas W. Noe to throw out his convictions stemming from a scandal that rocked state government in 2005.

The 6th District Court of Appeals denied several challenges brought by Noe’s lawyers, including a claim that negative publicity in his home county, Lucas County, prevented him from getting a fair trial.

In 2006, Noe, a major Republican fundraiser and ally of then-Gov. Bob Taft, was convicted of one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, two counts of aggravated theft, four counts of money laundering, 18 counts of forgery and four counts of tampering with records.

This line has me wondering about some things:

The criminal charges grew out of a scandal at the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation that left Taft’s reputation in tatters and helped Democrats capture most statewide offices in 2006.

I wonder .. what would Ohio’s political landscape be, without the Noe scandal? 

Also, since Ohio is a swing-state, what would the national political landscape be?  Now, I’m pretty sure Obama would have still won the election, but would Washington’s politicians have the same ‘blank-check’ attitude that they now have? 

Could part the reason why our government continues to sanction the slaughter of the unborn, and is now shouldering massive debts onto our grandchildren .. stem from a lack of integrity within people who are not politicians?  I wonder..

I think Kendall+ is right – we really need to focus on being faithful in the little things. 

– Elder

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