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Coming soon.. to the Christian Reformed Church (slightly OT)

23 December 2009

From the Yahoo (AP) Article (Do read the whole thing):

Tidd was raised a nominal Catholic in Boulder, Colo. He had a born-again Christian experience and joined the Jesus movement of the 1960s, which blended hippie culture and Christianity. Eventually Tidd was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church and shared its conservative position of homosexuality.

His change of heart began when, as a pastor in Boulder, a distraught couple sought his counsel when their young daughter began identifying as a boy — introducing Tidd to the transgender issue.

He began to question applying the “plain meaning” of ancient Biblical text to here-and-now homosexuality. The Bible, read literally, suggests the earth is flat and could be used to justify slavery, he said.

He accepted the Biblical interpretation of other gay-affirming Christians: that verses condemning homosexual behavior refer to idolatrous pagan worship or violence.

“We reach an understanding of the Bible not just by studying God’s word, but by studying his world,” Tidd said. “If you think he’s the author of both, they both inform each other.”

If evangelicals can disagree about end-times theology and baptism methods and still be considered authentic Christians, he thought, why can’t the same tent hold disagreements about homosexuality?

I’ve had my eye on the Christian Reformed Church for some time now.  The CRC, along with her sister denomination, the Reformed Church in America, have recently adopted a fourth confessional standard in addition to their historical three, known as the Belhar Confession

According to Sarah Hey of StandFirm (and I agree), one could drive a truck through this portion of the Belhar:

“Therefore, we reject any doctrine…  which explicitly or implicitly maintains that descent or any other human or social factor should be a consideration in determining membership of the church…”

The document has been critcized as something that might forbid church leaders from disciplining parishoners involved in (e.g.,) homo-“sex.”  I think though, that pretty much any sin could fall under the rubric of “human or social factor.” 

Sadly, I fear that the CRC isn’t too far behind TEC.  And I think the Church as a whole is in for a bumpy ride.  May God grant us the strength, wisdom, and resolve needed to meet the challenges of this dark age, head-on. 

– Elder

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