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Pounding the Surf (for Art!)

12 December 2009

The other day, I was perusing some of the other blogs on StandFirm’s blogroll, and came across an interesting cartoon on Red Stick Rant.  It got me thinking, that it might be nice to have something like that on this blog.  The cartoon featured in RSR is actually quite good, though it might be a tad too racy for The Oysters.  I started looking for other cartoons, that might be either classified as Christian or conservative.  What I found was actually quite disappointing  (yeah, yeah, there’s Dave Walker’s stuff, but everyone uses his cartoons – I wanted something different), and I’ve given up on the search for a quality Christian cartoon, at least for the time-being. 

Instead, I started looking at Christian art blogs around the web, and was pleasantly surprised.  There is actually a lot of good stuff out there. 

Here’s one that presents all kinds of Christian art, with the exception of tasteless kinds and Renaissance art.  It tries to be more provocative – you know, ethnic Jesus’s;  that sort of thing.  But not over the line, like e.g., Piss-Christ. 

Here’s another art blog by a more abstract Christian artist, whose work I fell in love with almost immediately.  This statement by Mark Lawrence made my hair stand on end:

Mark is one of the most motivated artists that you will ever come across. “Creating and sharing art is something that I just have to do or I’ll explode. I am so blessed that God has allowed me to be used in this way,” Lawrence says, “I am driven by a mission and a vision to share God’s Word with the billions of searching people who need Jesus in their lives.”

Kind of makes me want to run out and take watercolor classes again. 

Alas, the art is not free, so I can’t post it here.  But, as I am learning, nothing truly worthwhile is ever free. 

– Elder

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