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Words of thanks

3 December 2009

After a bit of a wait, and contemplating whether to change my brand of deodorant, StandFirm has added me to their blogroll.  🙂

My profound thanks to you, the StandFirm team, for your trust.  I hope that I will one day be as half as good a blogger as the least of you.  I hope and pray that I will not let you guys down.  In particular, I am very thankful to Jackie and Sarah. 

My thanks also to the friends of this blog – My wife and child, Rolin, Episcopalianated, Pearls, Fr. Bailey, David, Jill, Carl, NBS, KarenR, my friends who shall remain anonymous, one or two who have braved dropping in to say hello, and for all of you who are readers but haven’t yet graced me with a comment or an email. 

You make it worthwhile, on those occasional days when it doesn’t seem worthwhile. 

Your brother and servant,

– Elder

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