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The Rapture: Hopefully, a kinder gentler (De)Motivational Poster

2 December 2009

Several years ago, a friend told me about a conversation he had with a friend (and Christian sister)of his, who subscribed to the Pre-Trib Rapture theory (this is the view that there will be two interventions by Christ at the end of human history, one private, and one public).  My friend asked his friend whether she thought it was reasonable that God would remove the Church completely from history, only to raise up a group of baby Christians in history at a later date, battered by the turmoil that naturally will accompany the Eschaton.  She said she had never thought of it that way before. 

It is in the spirit of this irenic conversation, held between Christian friends, that I offer this latest (De)Motivational poster.  Grins are permitted (indeed, encouraged) for both sides of the debate.  However, Amillennial gaffaws are strictly prohibited, and will be punished with the Stink-Eye for less severe infractions.  For the truly really egregious cases, they will be sent to bed without dinner. 

– Elder

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