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Movie Review: The Blind Side

26 November 2009

A family reads about Ferdinand 🙂

This week’s movie review is on The Blind Side, which is based on the true story of Tuohy family’s adoption of a homeless Micheal Oher

I recommend it for families, but not for young kids  (unless you have them trained to cover their eyes at the right times) due to some violence, and sexual references.  Actually, I appreciated the violence because it portrays (rather than glorifies) real life violence.  I also appreciated the sexual references because they come from a Christian parent discussing the reality of their children facing a sexually charged culture. 

In other words, bring your teenager or pre-adolescent, but leave the 3-year-old with the sitter.  😉

A couple of comments about the movie..

Early in the movie, I noticed a cross hanging around Leigh Anne’s neck.  Hmm, I wondered.  Is this woman a Christian?  I also noticed that she calls her family in on Thanksgiving in from the couch (watching football, of course), and they say grace.  Hmm, I wondered.  Is this family Christian??

Well, wonder no more.  According to Wiki, Sean Tuohy is one of the pillar members of one of the fastest growing evangelical churches in the Memphis area, Grace Evangelical Church

The film I think, downplays the Christianity of the Tuohy’s, considerably.  That is unfortunate.  I suppose a frank portrayal of the woman’s faith would not play well into Hollywood’s desire to be all things to all people  (heh). 

Anyways… Nice try, Hollywood.  😉

The other thing I’d like to comment on is that I believe that Leigh Anne has been blessed with the spiritual gift of Mercy

“The special ability that God gives to certain members of the Body of Christ to feel genuine empathy and compassion for individuals (both Christian and non-Christian) who suffer from distressing physical, mental, or emotional problems, and to translate that compassion into cheerfully done deeds which reflect Christ’s love and alleviate the suffering”

The odd thing is, I think I have this gift too.  The experience of using it is difficult to describe – It is sort of like becoming a different person in order to deal with whatever situation or needful person God has put in your way, only it’s still you;  just a better version of yourself. 

For example, we often take our child to the play-yard in a nearby mall.  On one of these occasions, we dropped off our child, and proceeded to look for a seat in the crowded bench for parents.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a child I did not know, walking towards the exit of the play-yard.  It seemed half odd, and half not-odd, that I would notice this child out of many children in the crowded play-yard. 

I kept watching.  The child kept walking towards the exit.  I noticed that no-one else had noticed.  The child walked out of the exit.  I hoped the child’s parents would notice and run after the child.  Apparently, they had not noticed. 

By this time, the child was about twenty feet out of the play-yard, and walking towards an area of the Mall that would have been the second or third place people would have looked.  I started following her. 

I called after her, “Little girl, don’t you think you should go back to the play-yard?!”

She was too young to understand the question, let alone recognize concern for her well-being coming from a stranger.  She kept walking. 

I walked quickly and blocked her path.  She stopped.  Without touching her, I tried for a few minutes to convince her to return to the play-yard.  We were in a busy area, but I knew that no one would be looking for her here, yet.  How would I return her to the play-yard, without picking her up? 

And then God intervened.  An older couple was walking by, and I quickly told the lady what was happening (how did I know to ask her?).  Without missing a beat, she scooped up the child, and walked toward the other end of the play-yard, where by now, the child’s mother had noticed and was conscripting people to start looking for her daughter.  The lady carrying the child deposited her in the mother’s arms, the mother hugged her child, and the three of us (the elder couple and myself) breathed a collective sigh of relief. 

Similarly, in the movie, the people around Leigh Anne notice a change in her, as her own gift “kicks in.”  I find it all fascinating. 

Do you have a spiritual gift?  Would you care to share about it with the rest of the class?  🙂

– Elder

PS – This movie review is one of the three Thanksgiving-themed articles I had promised earlier.

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