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A colossal cathedral catastrophe

3 November 2009

[Elder’s Note:  Due to professional commitments, for the next few weeks I’m going to intentionally cut down on ‘polished’ writing while just putting in “bare-bones” facts into my posts.  My goal is to publish once per day, six days a week, with breaking news published as it happens.  Please continue to visit periodically.  And please bear with me during this very busy time.  Thank you.]

It seems that for 2010, our Cathedral is taking a $400,000 hit in its budget, per the November 2009 issue of The Cathedral Tower ( this document, pg 2, Dean Diamond’s column). 

As a side note, in the Journal of the 134th Convention for DSO (2008), p 97, the Plate and Pledge was $407,397; Operating Revenue was $ 2,795,875; Total Revenue was $4,118,918.

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  1. NBS
    7 November 2009 at 3:32 AM

    Ha. I used to worship there, prior to Dean Diamond and his left wing homeltics. Not that Dean Leo was much better, though he at least tried. And now they’ve canned the two priests that people actually like (and who actually do substantive things). They also canned the previous organist/choir master who, though pretty leftist, was awfully good at his job. God help them.

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