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Why Ohioans ought to vote YES on Issue 3 – Part IV – Conclusions

31 October 2009

Hey man, it's Life. Deal with it.

What have we learned so far?

We’ve learned that for about five-percent of gamblers (and their friends and family, for the pathological gamblers), the social costs are astronomical. 

We’ve learned that casinos couldn’t save Detroit.

We’ve learned that people in the casino industry love to redefine the words, ‘entertainment,’ and ‘discretionary.’ 

And we’ve learned that casinos are encouraging older folks and families to become their clients. 

This not-so-nuetral article from the Cinci Enquirer can be summarized as: 

a)  Ohio casinos would keep more gambling dollars in Ohio;

b)  Ohio casinos will create a lot of jobs;

c)  The present offer we have on the table is enough of a “sweetheart” deal to take seriously, this time. 

This article from the Dayton Daily News can be summarized as:

a)  Ohio voters LOVE casinos, by an overwhelming margin of 59/38. 

b)  Ohio voters LOVE casinos because it means more jobs for Ohio.

c)  People in Dayton don’t like casinos because there are no casinos scheduled to come to Dayton (sniff!), but if casinos came to Dayton, they’d LOVE casinos.

Finally, this article from the Beacon Journal is anti-casinos, but talks about how casinos aren’t enough of a “sweetheart” deal for Ohioans. 

Note, whether pro or con, the articles are wrestling with one thing, and one thing only – Will casinos bring as much money into Ohio as “we” have hoped?

Kind of makes you feel like a piece of meat, does it not?

And that brings us to what I’ve been promising all along – the Ultimate Reason why Ohio should embrace Issue 3

First, it’s clear that Ohioans just aren’t gifted enough to create a better economy for themselves.  No shame in that.  It’s just that without entrepreneurship, our best “bet” is to embrace parasitic industries, like casinos. 

And second, it’s clear that Ohioans just don’t pay enough taxes. 

Really.  Because that’s what casinos are – the client “gambles,” and since the house mostly wins, the house makes a profit, and the profit gets taxed.  Casinos are a tax, only the client gets what has been redefined as “entertainment,” in return. 

Do you honestly think your state and municipal taxes will decrease?  Probably not – indeed, the Baltimore article hinted that their casino dollars were already being spent, while the state was only “talking” about casinos. 

But really, we know that our lives are coming to this, don’t we?  We will be taxed more and more until there is nothing more of our income to tax.  Is that really so bad, though?  Can’t we simply embrace that truth, and get on with our lives?  Isn’t it better to be taxed in a way that is ‘fun’ ? 

But the most important reason to vote yes on Issue 3, is that for those who reject the life of enslavement to a system that taxes too much, are bound to live out an uncomfortable existence. 

– Elder

PS – I am of course, voting ‘NO’ on Issue 3.

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