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A conversation: Keller, Piper, Carson (pt I)

29 October 2009

Catch Part I of the video series over at StandFirm. 

I’ve heard of this conversation from a friend.  He claimed that Piper and Carson were trying to take “short cuts” to sanctification.  Having watched Part I, I am not certain I would agree with his assessment. 

A couple of quick thoughts:

– Keller is speaking of his ministry as a pastor.  Carson is talking about a ministry that lay people can do for one another.  The two ministries then, while different, are not necessarily mutually exclusive;  they may even compliment one another. 

– Keller is talking about his ministry to a particular generation in a particular place.  Different generations at different times in history will no doubt need to be challenged from Scripture, differently. 

– The criticism among other things, probably suffers from our own lay clericism – i.e., we more or less expect our shepherds to be the chief cook and bottle washer of the parish. 

IMHO, I don’t think Keller is slouching towards antinomianism, and I don’t think Piper & Carson are slouching towards moralism. 

– Elder

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