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Quean Lutibelle to speak in Columbus

24 October 2009

[H/T:  Pearls Before Swine]

From the DSO e-newsletter:

“Trinity, Capitol Square, welcomes Louie Crew, a founder of Integrity USA, the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocacy group of The Episcopal Church, and longtime General Convention lay deputy from the Diocese of Newark, New Jersey.
On Oct. 31, Crew will lead a discussion entitled, “Singing Songs of the Saints of God:  Discipleship, Justice, and Joy.” The session begins at 9:30 a.m. in Trinity’s undercroft (3rd and Broad Streets in downtown Columbus) and will conclude with noonday prayer in the chapel. That evening, the Rev. Deniray Mueller, Province V coordinator for Intergrity, will host a reception. Contact her at
deniray@deniray.com for more information.
Crew also will preach on All Saints Sunday, Nov. 1, at a Celebration of Holy Baptism and Eucharist at 9:30 a.m. A brunch and further conversation will follow. 
All are welcome to attend the events.”

Gee, I wonder if Louie will be reading any of his poetry?  Surely, ‘Pondered’,  or ‘Closet Mantra,’ or ‘In Old Milwaukee,’ or ‘A Shaking Spear,’ or ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy,’ or ‘Sour Grapes for Quean Lutibelle,’ or ‘We Who Nudge Close,’ or ‘Metamorphosis,’ or ‘View From One Porn Booth,’ or ‘The Gospel Truth,’  wouldn’t be too tawdry and sordid for children or grown-up baby-Christians? 

..I’ll stop there – I could literally spend a week cataloguing the pornographic and blasphemous ones.   I’ll let the reader sift through the sludge to find the aforementioned “works.”  [Warning:  Not for weak stomachs.  Or kids. ]

Oh yeah.  The e-blurb seems to have left out how Louie prefers to be addressed.  Alas, the name that Louie’s parents gave him at birth is apparently too drab, and therefore his parents are not owed the honor of their son’s pride in his birth-name.  Hence, he has coined ‘Quean Lutibelle,’ for himself;  loosely based on the drab name his soooooooo un-chic parents gave him at birth.  Oh well, at least he was able to throw that biscuit to his parents.  So, he’s a kind and thoughtful son, after all. 

Speaking of Louie Crew, I’m reminded of the letter I had written to some of the lay members of our diocese’ deputation to GC 2009, both on this site, and via email.  I had politely asked them to explain how and why they voted on D025 and C056. 

I was able to send them emails because Louie, oh excuse me – Lutibelle had published their contact information of various members of the deputation on his website.  I’m assuming he did so with their permission.  It’s odd though – none of the members of the deputation responded to me on this website, or privately.  Not even to say, “Stop bugging me.”  My readership did spike for a couple of days though.  Since hardly anyone else was reading my blog at the time, the spike would have to be from the deputation members clicking on the link to my blog, reading a little, and skedaddling. 

I have not contacted them again, out of respect for their privacy.  I hope what I did wasn’t an invasion of their privacy.  But they couldn’t have minded, could they?  After all, Louie Lutibelle did publish their contact information on his website, so either (perish the thought) it’s wrong for Louie to do so, or the members of the GC 2009 deputation are warmed to the thought that any old nimrod can just copy and paste their email address into the recipient line, and ..

Oh wait – what if they did mind? 

Oh, no.

Well, if that is the case, now they have an opportunity to get in Louie’s face about it, right??

And they’ll avail themselves of the opportunity, right

(Yeah, right)

– Elder

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  1. Fr. Theoden
    27 October 2009 at 1:14 PM

    Elder, I’ve been reading you thus far. Would welcome an opportunity for dialogue.

    Fr. Theoden

  2. Elder Oyster
    27 October 2009 at 4:27 PM

    Hi Fr. Theoden,

    You honor me with your readership and your request. Sure.

    …But, why am I having the same feeling I got as a schoolboy, when the principal announced over the intercom that he’d like to see me in his office? 😉

    – EO

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