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Call for Contributors

19 October 2009

Dear Episcopal Oysters of Southern Ohio,

Last week was a great week for this blog.  First, the Lord was gracious to me while I was surfing for old news;  then, the old news (Wisteria) turned out to be enough (in my opinion) to warrant a debut on the national Anglican blogosphere, and StandFirmInFaith made the introduction;  the introduction generated a lot of buzz;  and finally, Fr. Dave Bailey was kind enough to volunteer his perspective on the SSB Focus Group and upcoming DSO convention. 

..I’d like to keep up the momentum (!).  Therefore, I am asking our traditionalist lay Episcopalians within the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, to consider becoming contributors for this blog.  I am particularly interested in people willing to go to public DSO events, write down what goes on, and their impressions of the event.  The ability to fisk is particularly appreciated. 


– Must be Christian, traditionalist, Episcopalian, and member of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.

– Must be willing to work on a gratis basis and pay for own expenses.

– Must possess a strong sense of ethics in reporting, quoting, and attributions.

– Must agree to uphold this blog’s policies, inclusive of stated policies (see ‘Commenting Policy’ page) and unstated policies  (see below). 

– Must be willing to follow my lead, when asked. 

Preference will be given to:

– People with a ‘knack’ for writing (i.e., they can write interesting and readable pieces).

– People willing to write 1-4 articles per month, continuously.  ‘Dead air’ is the enemy. 


– From time to time, writers falling outside of the category of traditionalist-lay-DSO-Episcopalians will be asked / encouraged / begged to contribute  (episcopalianated, KarenR and Fr. David Bailey are examples), and might even be asked to contribute on a regular basis.  For now, I’m encouraging our traditionalist laity to step up to the plate.  😉

– Writing under a pseudonym is encouraged, but not required.  My advice for the unsure is to use a pseudonym (or just your first name) for one or two articles, then decide if you’d rather not use it.  One can always go from using a pseudonym to their regular name;  but it’s more difficult to go in the opposite direction. 

– Applicants need not belong to an orthodox parish, or have an orthodox rector, but they must themselves be traditionalist. 

Regarding the unstated policies of this blog:

1)  If a news piece does not have a paper trail, I won’t publish it.  {An example of this would be a story about a messy divorce with an adulterous husband, and the rector refusing to put the husband under discipline.  Without a paper trail, such as a letter from the rector to the husband, or meeting minutes, I couldn’t publish the story};

2)  If a news piece will get other traditionalists into trouble, I won’t publish it.  {An example of this would be, writing a piece about a closed parish or diocesan meeting.}

 Interested?  Please send me an email (address on the ‘contact’ page)

– Elder

PS – No movie review this week  (sorry).

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