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Underdogs Stand Firm in Race for US Senate

17 October 2009

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COLUMBUS, Ohio—Though the two party front-runners in a U.S. Senate race in Ohio have reported millions more in fundraising, their underdog challengers say they’re not getting out anytime soon.

Republicans are seeking to retain the seat that veteran U.S. Sen. George Voinovich plans to vacate in 2010, and Democrats, still buoyed by their 2006 successes, see opportunity in the open seat. The GOP’s chosen candidate, former congressman Rob Portman, reported raising another $1.3 million in the third quarter, taking his total in the bank to more than $5.1 million. …”

Here’s a brief rundown on the cantidates mentioned in the article, regarding the abortion issue (no 3rd party data available yet):

Rob Portman

– Former Congressman

– Represented a southwestern Ohio district near Cincinnati,

– Was President George W. Bush’s trade representative and later his budget director.

– GOP’s Chosen Candidate

– Platform on life ethics:  Not stated.

– Abortion voting record: Has voted with the GOP and against the Democratic Party re the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act

– Republican Tom Ganley

– Cleveland car dealer


“I believe every human life has value, including the unborn, and should be afforded the same basic rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I do not believe abortion should be legal, except in the extremely rare cases, such as a tubal pregnancy, where the life of the mother is in jeopardy and all other measures have been taken to save both lives.

As a man of faith, I am not only pro-life when it comes to the unborn, but I feel we should all do more to help all innocent lives. I understand and am very sensitive to the difficulties mothers often go through when dealing with an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. I believe people of faith can and should do more to extend a helping hand to these mothers and their children- before, during, and after the pregnancy.”

Lee Fisher

– Democratic Lt. Gov.

– Endorsed by Gov. Ted Strickland

– (not officially endorsed by Democratic Party)

– No mention of abortion or stem-cell research as issues on site. Does mention children as an issue

Jennifer Brunner

Democratic Secretary of State

Not officially endorsed by Democratic Party

According to AP, endorsed by EMILY’s List (backs pro-choice women Democrats) in 2006 election, but not so far in this election (contra this blog’s report).

 – Elder

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