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Wisteria, Ohio (Part III) – “Mommie, what’s a Bacchanalia ?”

13 October 2009

Roll up your sleeves, Oysters.  Time for some fun. 

On one of the pagan blogs, there is reference to some of what goes on at Wisteria.  The information is ‘there,’ but you have to do some work to see all of it.  Remember how I made the map of DSO parishes in the sticks, a few days earlier, and the left half of the map came into the blog?  Remember also how you have to copy the map and then paste it into the Paint utility for it to come up properly? 

That’s what happens in blogs sometimes – some of the information (particularly if it is not exclusively text) can be lost.  In the case of the pagan blog we’re about to examine, some of the invisible data is contained in the last column of a table.  What we’re going to do, is to copy the table, and paste it into the Notepad utility.  The pagan website page of interest is here.

Completed that?  Good.  Now that you’ve copy / pasted the table into a Notepad session, notice that there are some things that show up in the Notepad that don’t show up on the blog page.  For example, the row between June 25, 2004 for the event at Hickory Grove (all at Wisteria) and the row beginning with June 26th is listed as this:

June 25, 2004 Pagan Spirit Gathering Stone Circle, Wisteria, Ohio


Now, in the Notepad, for the same event, the listing is this:

June 25, 2004
 Pagan Spirit Gathering
 Stone Circle, Wisteria, Ohio

Did you see it?  There is a piece of information that the blog didn’t catch (that’s the nature of blogs, I suppose).  The missing information is the type of ritual being held on June 25, 2006, during Wisteria’s Pagan Spirit Gathering at the place known as Stone Circle.  That event / ritual / whatever is called Bacchanalia.

Er, ah.. you can read about that here and here

A word – I don’t think that the folks at Wisteria are into murder.  I’ve checked out their site, and they seem adamant that they obey the laws of the US.  I’ll take them at their word, okay?  At the same time (and this is also taking them at their word) I’m fairly sure that the ‘event’ involves a bit more than two married people, in the privacy of their bedroom, holding hands, and gazing into one another’s eyes. 

Probably a lot more.

Again, this is not to get on the Pagans.  They are going to do pagan things – that’s who they are, and we shouldn’t be flabbergasted when they do the things they say they are going to do.  At the same time (to reiterate), Christians are not supposed to do those things that pagans do, that make them pagan.  We know for a fact, that the Wisteria folks are into labyrinths.  We will see in subsequent articles that there are striking similarities between what they say about their use of labyrinths, and what Atress’ Episcopal “let’s baptize our labyrinths” crowd will say. 

Yes, there is more.  Oh boy, is there more.  But for now, I need a shower. 

– Elder

  1. Padre aka Loose Canon
    13 October 2009 at 1:47 PM

    I went to Wisteria dot org and found it to apear as a modern day comune that seems to enrole “tertiaries” I tried to remember the name of the locale near Athens where the Wicca at Marion Correctional would talk about going with “Ladyfeather”, their High Priestess, but all I can remember is “The Farm” I wonder if the farm has become Wisteria…

    • Elder Oyster
      13 October 2009 at 2:06 PM

      Hi Padre,

      Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      If I remember correctly, Wisteria is on a -big- chunk of land. It may well be that they refer to this locally as ‘the Farm.’ Thank you for the tidbit – it may prove useful at some point. 🙂

      – EO

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