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One layperson’s ‘take’ on non-ordained ministry

8 October 2009

[Elder’s Note:  As per this blog’s policy, this is not an invitation to discuss Women’s Ordination.  I’ve included this because I believe it to be an astute observation about people called to ministry, applicable to men as well as women.]

From here:

“…I do believe that there are women called to ministry in the Church.  I, myself, have discerned a call to ministry to children and families—especially mothers.  And while I have exercised that ministry, I have found it difficult to be taken seriously because I am not ordained and I don’t have that collar that people seem to be looking for.  I can’t help but wonder how many of the women seeking ordination have discerned a very real call to ministry, but don’t see a way to exercise that ministry without being ordained.  I see women with great gifts in children’s ministry or family ministry or women’s ministry who also find themselves obligated to the other priestly duties because of their ordination.  Their gifting is obviously in their other ministry (women, children, etc.) and their obligation to celebrate every second or third Sunday isn’t the joy that it should be.  Whereas you have a priest who truly feels called to the priesthood and lives to celebrate the eucharist and provide the other sacraments…  If only the women called to ministry felt as if they could have a “serious” and professional ministry without the ordination.  The reason to seek the ordination is to do the sacraments.

I apologize for rambling somewhat, but I feel so passionately about this.  Guys, if you see a woman in your congregation who is called to ministry, encourage her in that.  Support her.  Take her seriously.  Pay her more than the secretary.  Don’t send her flowers on administrative professionals day.  And for goodness sake, don’t push her to seek ordination.”

– Comment by Millie

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