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Open letter to members of GC’09 lay and clergy deputations for DSO

23 September 2009

Dear Fellow DSO Episcopalians,

I am a Traditionalist Episcopalian who is also a member the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio. I am writing to all of you as a follow-up to an article that appeared in StandFirm on 22 September, regarding information posted on Louis Crew’s website about how various deputations and bishops voted on resolutions D025 and C056, at this year’s General Convention. By the way, I also located your contact information on Louis Crew’s website.

I do not write for StandFirm. However, I do have my own blog written by and for Traditionalist Episcopalians, what little there is of us, left in the Diocese of Southern Ohio. With regards to the two hot-button issues at this year’s GC, the votes of our bishops are known or at least available to all, and they have graciously taken the time to explain their positions. Might I persuade you to also take a few minutes out of your busy schedules to answer some questions for us, on my blog? 

Based on Louie Crew’s webpage, it appears that most or all of the deputies voted in favor of D025 and C056. It is apparent that the DSO deputation votes were either 3-1 or 4-0 for either group. If the former, I would be interested in hearing from the person with the minority position. In any case, I would invite all those who voted to articulate why they voted as they did, for the benefit of those of us who might not agree; or others of us who might not be aware of everything going on the diocesan and national levels. I also invite participation from the alternates.

If you do not feel comfortable writing in to the blog, please accept my thanks for reading this email and at least considering the invitation.

Thank you, in advance.


Elder Oyster

PS – Please do not be dissuaded by my comment on the StandFirm thread about ‘damage.’   This refers to what happens when the ignorant are alerted to their surroundings, and it cuts both ways.  As for the particular choice of wording, well.. I was simply caught up in the moment.  😉

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