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DSO News – Immigration: An Anglican Approach

22 September 2009

Excerpted from News from the Diocese of Southern Ohio e-newsletter (here, on the DSO website), again graciously forwarded by one of our Oyster correspondents:

“Immigration: An Anglican Approach

Faith in Life will host diocesan-wide discussion..”


“..designed to lift up the process of theological reflection by engaging in a series of timely and complex issues such as immigration,…”

Yes, yes.  Very interesting.  I’ve got nothing better on a Saturday evening than to listen to someone’s “approach” to immigration.  Oh wait – Anglican approach to immigration.  I need to have that perspective, because I’m Anglican and good Anglicans will have that perspective. 

Eh, a Saturday evening is still a Saturday evening…  ‘think I’ll skip. 

What’s this?  There’s more to read about the event.  I’ve read this far, I may as well read the rest of it.

“..open table, …”

Eh?  What’s that?

“..same-sex blessings, etc.”

Um, WHAT??!  Let me read that one more time.

“Faith in Life will host diocesan-wide discussion designed to lift up the process of theological reflection by engaging in a series of timely and complex issues such as immigration, open table, same-sex blessings, etc.”

Great.  Coming Soon to DSO:   An Anglican Approach to Same-Sex Blessings  (mind you, it’s from the province in North America, not from Anglican backwaters in Africa and South America, whose opinion we officially respect but doesn’t matter in the long and short runs).

And what would Bp. Breidenthal have to say about same-sex blessings and the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio?  Lookie..

“Where is Southern Ohio in all this? On this issue, we cover the gamut from conservative to liberal. But I suspect most of us are willing to support a middle view, that is, an acknowledgement of the presence among us of many gay and lesbian in faithful unions, and a sincere but cautious willingness to explore how best to honor and support these unions.”

Yes, that’s right folks.  Bp. Breidenthal thinks that there is middle ground on the issue.  So, if you’re not actually committed to the idea that “blessing” what God calls sin throughout Scripture, is actually taking the Lord’s Name in vain;  and if you are (1) resigned to the fact that TEC is throwing gays and lesbians under the bus by “blessing” their sin and (2) support the “unions” anyway, then hey – you’re on the middle ground. 

Gee, Your Grace.. If that’s the middle ground, what exactly are the polar extremes?  

[H/T:  Pearls Before Swine]

– Elder

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