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Update on the Bp. Price / Pittsburgh Rump Diocese Situation

19 September 2009

Over on StandFirm, there is some news regarding a proposed resolution for a reunion between the dioceses of NW Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh-TEC.  There is some intersection between this and the news about Bp. Price going over to lead the rump diocese.  Bruce Robinson+ talks about the proposal, over on the StandFirm thread: 

As the author of the resolution I would just point out that it calls for a study, and makes no assumption about the conclusions the study will find.  Both dioceses—Pittsburgh-TEC and NW Pennsylvania—are clearly viable as they are.  Pittsburgh-TEC has 30 parishes and a membership of just under 10,000, which would make it, in TEC, a “smaller” diocese, but certainly not among the smallest.  But it’s a question of missionary strategy.  Sometimes you may want to do better than be “viable.”  As you may remember, the question of reunion of Pittsburgh and Erie was last studied in 1991, led by Bill Roemer and a number of diocesan leaders, and was nearly approved at that time.

My curiously piqued (obviously!), I popped in and asked,

What will that mean for Bp. Price of the Diocese of Southern Ohio?

to which Bruce Robinson+ responded,

..not sure what you mean.  If—and that’s a big if—both Pittsburgh and Erie were interested in this, it would be a process that couldn’t be completed until the 2012 General Convention.  Our TEC diocese will need to continue to provide for continuity of ecclesiastical authority and episcopal ministry in the meantime.  Our Standing Committee is going to ask our diocesan convention to approve the delegation of provisional ecclesiastical authority to Bishop Price.  If that happens the assumption would be that he would be in Pittsburgh for 2-3 years, which would be about right either for a reunion or, if we don’t go in that direction, for the election of a diocesan.

which indeed answers my question. 

Hey.. Not all news is bad.  But, a lot of news is interesting.  I’ll take interesting over bad any day, and for that matter, news over no news. 

Not a bad catch for a Friday night, if I do say so myself.  😉

– Elder Oyster

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