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movin’ on up

17 September 2009

It seems that Bp. Price will be the new provisional bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburg (sic), as TEC purports that there hasn’t been a bishop in that diocese since Bp. Duncan was purportedly deposed last year. 

Hmm.. It seems that Bp. Price has had a hand in the previous bishop’s (Bp Bob Duncan) purported deposition.  Here, we see Bp. Price acting as Episcopal witness for Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori.   Curious .. It seems that we in the Public Sector take a dim view when one’s sucessors have an active hand in the dismissal of their predecessors. Why does the Episcopal heirarchy behave in a manner which raises eyebrows in the secular arena?

In fairness, Bp. Price served in a similar capacity for the Bp Cox deposition  .. so perhaps I shouldn’t be too hard on Bp Price.  Maybe approving of depositions for the Presiding Bishop is simply part of his job.


– Elder Oyster

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