A Farewell To Oysters

16 February 2011 7 comments

This will be my last article for this blog.

Some reasons for moving on:

i) Much like the Pentateuch Read more…

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A couple of cool couplets

23 January 2011 Comments off

One expresses to a ‘t’, how I feel about each and every member of my immediate family at this moment.  The other seems more Read more…

How a Gas Station ..might be.. like the (hypothetical) Third Way Movement

2 January 2011 8 comments

Earlier in the year, I had posted this , which garnered a couple of interesting, albeit wide, responses.  Since I am Read more…

Diversity: A (De)Motivational Poster

1 December 2010 Comments off

Dedicated to The Breeders.  Read more…

Fractured Parables: The Periodic Son

27 November 2010 Comments off

Once upon a time in a land far far away, there lived a man with two sons.  They grew up safely in a house provided to them by their father. 

The first of his sons Read more…

A new priest-in-charge writes to the diaspora

22 November 2010 6 comments

H/T:  Diaspora Oysters

The new priest-in-charge of St. Francis Episcopal Church of Springboro Ohio (http://www.saintfran.org/) has written a letter to people who have left the parish recently. Read more…

Delightfully OT – Philly Opera Company: A(nother) Random Act of Culture

21 November 2010 Comments off

H/T:  Better Oyster

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